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  • Whalan Reserve - DeBrincat Avenue, Whalan.


  • Year 7/8 Boys - Juniors
  • Year 9/10 Boys - Intermediates
  • Year 7/8 Girls - Juniors
  • Year 9/10 Girls - Intermediate

Game duration

  • 2 x 15 minute halves, with 5 minutes for half-time.
  • Junior games will commence at 1.30pm, with Intermediate games commencing at 2.10pm

Basic Information

  • Players must be attired in correctly numbered singlets/shirts.
  • The team who scores the most points wins the game.


The current OzTag draws are attached here
Junior Inter Boys OzTag Draw 2017
Junior Inter Girls OzTag Draw 2017

Points Score

  • Win – 3 points
  • Draw – 2 points
  • Loss – 1 point
  • Loss by Forfeit – 0 points

By-Laws & Rules

Weekly Results

Season 3 OzTag results will be posted weekly as an Excel sheet showing the current result table of the PDSSSC OzTag Competition. It shows the results of all games played and also the progressive points table.

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